Three bullets, two lives gone, one perpetrator. This is how Sonya and Frank Anthony Gregorio were murdered in broad daylight, the latest fatality under a culture of violence worshipped by a cult of blind followers. 

To dismiss this as another isolated case is remorseless of the several senseless killings and violence since the day Duterte promised to shed blood in this land for “order” sake—the only promise he managed to fulfill as President.

All Cops Are Bad except… 

The idea that the police is an institution dressed with corruption, brutality, and impunity can be traced back to the U.S. colony era of establishing a “national” guard as a tool of repressing people to prevent political uprising against the ruling class. 

Otherwise, we should have taken the localized structures for local criminal acts and let the military take care of the tactic to dispel organized crime. But we have seen until now how this administration coddled with its police force by increasing salaries, benefits, and even presidential pronouncements on protecting erring police officials vs cases on human rights. 

Its war on illegal drugs campaign rose to a horrendous 50% from their own government-provided data during this pandemic year, counting 5,810 dead as of July 2020. 

Since the start of quarantine last March, there were at least 22 controversial cases involving police violence and lawlessness including the killing of 4 soldiers in Tawi-Tawi, the shooting of Winston Ragos in Quezon City, the beheading of a Baguio resident, the quarantine-and-curfew-violative act of mañanita inside PNP compound for newly appointed PNP Chief Sinas, arrests of LGBT protesters, trade union members, jeepney drivers, independent journalists, and urban poor activists, all in the span of March to December 2020. 

This is clearly an isolated case of too many similar cases to cite. 

From one violence to another? 

And the response of those who are unapologetic of all this violence is yet another form of violence: death penalty. They help pull the trigger for every single case here on. 

How many more “isolated cases” can we stomach before we overthrow this culture of impunity and violence against the people? Because the police will never run out of that bullet until we let them run out of budget. The anti-democratic police state we have today should be abolished.

The alternative route is to defund the national police, rechannel and localize funds for community policing, and fund a welfare system that puts a prime in people’s lives rather than cheapening them by the bullet.